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probiotic chocolate lift


Producing your own kefir often feels like both a blessing and a burden. For those of us looking to increase consumption of probiotics, or who just enjoy a little mouth-puckering creaminess in our lives, kefir is a great option. But varieties found on the shelf are expensive and are often produced in such a way that they do not contain as many probiotics as the homemade variety. Learning how to create this tasty dairy creature at home, therefore, has clear health and economic benefits.

The drawback is that you can be left with what feels like too much of a good thing: several cups of kefir every few days, no matter what. However, I have happily accepted this challenge. I find ways to work kefir into sauces, baked goods, smoothies, marinades, and whatever else seems reasonable at the time.

Today, reason suggested my life needed a little chocolate. It happens. And I had some bananas on death row. The solution was a tasty, tangy, chocolatey treat. I blended together approximately :

1 1/2 cups plain kefir

1 banana

4 black mission figs

3 tablespoons cacao powder

The result was about 8 ounces of a wonderful chocolate shake that will probably take care of chocolate cravings for a week, while providing a nice protein boost. It is a nice burden to bear.


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