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when life gives you rhurbarb


Gardens are the best when life is most complex. They teach us so much. Sometimes, life is delicious tomatoes. Sometimes, it is bitter, bitter rhubarb (watch out, or it will make you vomit!). But rhubarb, while it grows all bitter and painful and terrible, can be turned into so many sweet things with time, patience, and effort.

This spring, the world has decided to give me rhubarb physically and metaphorically. I am still trying to turn the metaphor into pie. As for the physical stuff, I have been able to turn it into a blessing much more rapidly.  Rhubarb crisp. Rhubarb pie.


And rhubarb cordial. I have found recipes for preserved versions, but mine never lasts more than a week prior to guzzling, so it is pointless to do more than refrigerate at home.  Mostly I just simmered down the rhubarb with some ginger, strained overnight, cooked with some sugar, and voila!


You can mix with seltzer, or vodka and herbs, or muddled in with fresh strawberries and sparkling wine, or however you like to have your mouthful of tart, sweet, spring taste.


Here’s to the promise of sweet compromise.



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