sourdough pizza


I have a bad habit of wasting the sad blob of Cersei, my sourdough starter, that I must remove prior to her weekly feedings. The past two weeks, I decided to try to reduce this wastage by making pizza dough. It was a good idea.

There are all sorts of sourdough pizza dough recipes out there, but the truth is since sourdough does what it wants, any recipe is merely a guide.  You try one, adjust, and see what happens. I can’t even tell you the exact proportions I used in the end. Suffice it to say, there was salt, yeast, warm water, flour, and sourdough, and I adjusted until I was happy with the dough. I kneeded it for about 10 minutes, let it double in size in the refrigerator over night, rolled it out and let it rise some more. One batch I let rise more, for a thicker crust. The next I let rise less, for more of a flatbread.

The pizzas were great vehicles for the endless herbs produced by the garden this year. Olive oil, herbs, and garlic flavored both crusts. Then after a short bake, I threw on more toppings prior to the final bake.


Pizza one ready to go in the oven:


Pizza 2:


The delcious end results:



I look forward to making more pizzas as the summer growing season continues. While a hot oven is not exciting right now, grilled pizza is wonderful. And fresh tomatos are calling out to me.


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