Health and beauty

coffee coconut oil scrub


As I continue to settle into a new life, and the seasons have officially turned, my skin has suffered a bit.  It is sensitive, and will react to stress and various environmental factors by drying out.  Thankfully, I know how to give it some special care.

I recently discovered some coffee while cleaning out my freezer.  It is very special coffee that a friend’s uncle grew at home in Haiti, finely ground so that it is powdery and marvelous.  It is some of the richest, darkest coffee I have had the pleasure to drink.  Unfortunately, the coffee remaining in my freezer is more than a year old, and therfore not great for drinking anymore.  But it is perfect for making a good scrub for my sad skin.

Two parts coffee to one part organic coconut oil, and I have a mixture that looks like mud but feels like heaven when massaged on dry patches.  Because of how finely ground the coffee is, the scrub is gentle enough to use on my face and lips, as well.

I imagine I will be making batches of this throughout the colder months.


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