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sage, peach, and goat cheese sourdough pizza

The garden and the CSA are in full swing, so I am always looking for a way to use up produce (a wonderful dilemma).  Hot soups do not appeal to me so much right now, but I do scramble various herbs and veggies in with eggs for weekend brunches, I have a side salad for half my meals, and I grill pizzas.

In addition to being a great way to use sourdough starter, pizzas are secretly a great option for using up produce or whatever else is in the fridge; almost anything can turn into a great pizza, really.

Recently, I found myself dealing with excess herbs and garlic scapes, plus some desperation peaches that were taking up space during the long wait for strawberry season.  I remembered that a favorite summer dessert in my houshold is grilled peaches (or almost any stone fruit) with goat cheese, and had a moment of inspiration.

My crust draws from a recipe in Sarah Owens’s wonderful Sourdough book.  I used different flours: an organic all-purpose flour and whole wheat, since that was what was in the cupboard.  It still turned out perfectly; the nice thing about weighed measurements is that you can safely do ingredient switching, to some extent (you still have to consider the relative ability of the flour in question to develop good gluten structure).  My toppings were goat cheese, peach, sage, savory, garlic scapes, and proscuitto.

I recently broke down and got a good peel and pizza stone, which makes the grilling process so much simpler.  Just heat the stone up on the grill to about 550 degrees, use the peel to slide the pizza right on there, and grill for around 15 minutes.  It is a fast meal, perfect for limited time after work (so long as you mix the dough in the morning).  And it is absolutely delicious.  My “dessert” translated very well into a sweet and savory main dish, and herbs and scapes no longer lurk in every crevice of my refrigerator. All in all, a successful experiment.

Happy grilling season!


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