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when life gives you rhurbarb

Gardens are the best when life is most complex. They teach us so much. Sometimes, life is delicious tomatoes. Sometimes, it is bitter, bitter rhubarb (watch out, or it will make you vomit!). But rhubarb, while it grows all bitter and painful and terrible, can be turned into so many sweet things with time, patience,… Continue reading when life gives you rhurbarb

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chamomile, clover, and lemon balm tea

I decided to grow chamomile in between my lettuce rows this year. It began producing blooms right as the clover in my yard decided to flower. The lemon balm in my herb bed is unstoppable at this point, and the combination of the three plants called out for me to turn them into a calming… Continue reading chamomile, clover, and lemon balm tea

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sumac kefir grilled chicken

Grilling season is in full swing, to my delight. After a long day working indoors, there is nothing quite so refreshing as throwing something tasty on the grill, pouring a glass of wine, and sitting on the porch watching the sun dip down below the trees while smoky smells drift over you. Today I did… Continue reading sumac kefir grilled chicken

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springtime in the veggie garden

The early April cold spell did not prevent my snap peas from sprouting, thankfully. Nor did it damage the early rows of baby greens. Thankfully, my March sowing gamble has paid off and I am hopeful we will have an extended growing season. So long as summer heat and drought don’t make an early appearance,… Continue reading springtime in the veggie garden